> Dec7 // 8pm

                                                  1804 Calle Loiza
                                                             san juan, pr

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                    > Dec7 | 8pm

1804 Calle Loiza
san juan, pr


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Jaime Rodriguez Crespo

Puerto Rican contemporary artist, Co-Founder of the alternative exhibition space, Cart Watch, and director + founder of the exhibition space Recinto Cerra. Awards: Oriental Group Young Arts Competition and Warren of the Caribbean in the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico. Obtained the International Travel Grant to ARCO, Madrid and exhibited in SCOPE New York.

@radamesjuni | OpenSea

Radames Juni Figueroa

Radames Juni lives and works between Puerto Rico and New York. He recently won the illy future Prize awarded by the Artissima art fair in Turin, Italy (2020). Also his exhibits include the Whitney Museum + High Line in New York, and Sculpture Center, MALBA Museum in Argentina. In his projects use various media such as installations, ready mades, painting and drawing. In addition to his work as an artist, he is co-curator of the First and Second Tropical Biennials in Puerto Rico in 2012 and 2016. He also has his clothing brand under the name of WAREVEL SOCIO.

@joeycreepxide | San Juan

“Creepxide” Rodriguez

San Juan based illustrator and tatto artist.

@jufe | Foundation

Juan JUFE Fernandez

San Juan based muralist, art director and motion graphics. Exhibited in NADA Miami, Feria de Arte SWAB de Barcelona, Zona MACO, México, The Wrong Biennale, Museo Orgánico Romerillo, Bienal de la Habana 12, Cuba.

@estudiosantos | San Juan

Janice Quevedo Santos

San Juan, Puerto Rico based architect, interior designer and mirror maker. Currently part of the local interior design team at Basico Co.  Her most recent work, Boquete Series, has been shown at Nunca es Suficiente, 2021, one the most recent group exhibitions at KM.02

Featured Work
> Boquete Series

Christian Juarbe Linares

Puerto Rican multimedia artist. Originally specialized in street photography, his work now extends to art direction, animation and 3D modeling for artists such as Bad Bunny and Eladio Carrión.

Featured Work 
> Bonanza, 2017

@pool_______pool | Foundation

Eliza Matthew Martínez

Spatial visualization artist based on the moon. Architect & Interior Designer at Toro Arquitectos in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

@isalescorriendo | OpenSea

ilia isales

A hyphenated marketer-illustrator-comedian who has worked-lived in NYC, and is currently based in Puerto Rico. Her portfolio is varied, but her artistry focuses on highlighting topics of feminine absurdity through digital illustration.

Featured Work 

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